Jennifer Connelly (Jennifer Connelly) at Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) "Series 2" preview
Local time on February 5th, Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) 2015 chun xia Series "Series 2" preview will be held in Hollywood, California, Chinese supermodel liu, "the dragon mother" amelia clark (Emilia Clarke), starring the lost lover, Rosa, parker (Rosamund Pike), female, Chung, (Alexa Chung) and brands face Jennifer Connelly (Jennifer Connelly), Charlotte gans cloth (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams), and other stars celebrities presence, HuoShi a catwalk show, and from the point of view of their dress, the most favored is for charming eye embroidery printing and thick with ankle boots!
Diana egger Aaron (Dianna Agron) "black silk" collocation, although a bit of a mess, but delicate and charming as the rose red lip makeup line gets her granddaughter look is a plus; newly married elvis Presley Danielle lily, the fu (Danielle Riley Keough,) in a turquoise dress very pure and fresh and...Who's the most brilliant LV Look?BaoYou people get together to make comments and see!
To create personalized travel bags of luxury brand Louis Vuitton, has formally announced its much-loved personalized custom services, extended to the classic Damier Graphite canvas series.Users can "Mon Damier Graphite" service, choose color lines for bags and letters of personalized customization options, whether the wallet or the biggest Bandouliere Keepall 45 suitcases are applicable to the service.In addition, the colour collocation of the clerk will also provide customers with professional advice, to ensure that truly meet the personalized needs of users.At present, "Mon Damier Graphite" custom service has formally landing Louis Vuitton designated stores around the world, interested friends may wish to take more attention to.
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